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    somewhereto_ young person Jenny Collier takes the reigns for a fun-filled rundown of summer of somewhereto_

    This summer I decided to join the somewhereto_ East Midlands team and honestly it’s been just one fantastic experience after another.

    Tina, the regional somewhereto_ representative is more of a mentor and friend to me, opening up so many opportunities and getting me involved in the national and local campaigns, such as The Big Positive campaign. Through somewhereto_ Tina has opened up shopping centres for After Dark Takeover Films which feature amazing urban athletes such as BMX Champs Keelan Phillips, Mat Armstrong and Cam Peake.


    somewhereto_ has also helped my blog to become a virtual space holder for local young creatives. I can now offer people who sign up the chance to be interviewed by me, which I’ll then write a blog, which they can use on their own websites and post out on their own social media platforms. This also helps to evidence a young persons event and experience with somewhereto_.

    The summer of somewhereto_ was three weeks of pure craziness in Leicester, we had talks and workshops run by young creatives, street art, photo shoots, FIVE pop up shops and auditions & workshops with SYCO Entertainment, seeing some of the best bands from Leicester performing live such as By The Rivers and The Day Dreamers. To top it all off an influx of incredibly talented young creative’s coming to our own shop Wotspace. It’s been fantastic to realize how many young people have so much talent, which you would never realize without this project.

    somewhereto_ has helped young people start their businesses, realise that they have creative talent and just offer support in general. I know for certain that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Tina and somewhereto_ and it’s helped me to build my own confidence in what I’m doing so that I felt that I could start my own freelance blogging business. By linking me up with other creatives, start up businesses and giving me the support I needed to take the next step from having an idea to actually doing it.

    It still surprises me every day just how many ideas young people have for so many different things such as business, creativity, teaching and events just for fun people, all in such different spaces. One girl wanted a space to cover in bubble wrap then film people as they come in and popped it, crazy but we do want to make it happen. We get such a mixture of young people I always thought that I was alone in my decision to go down the creative route and not go to university. But it’s really good to know that people understand that you want to get hands on experience and that they will help you to do so, and that there are people in the same boat as you. 

    My somewhereto_ experience is constantly changing with the different roles that I take, from being a ‘space user’ to a ‘space holder’. Working with somewhereto_ has allowed me to develop skills in many areas because of the different experiences they have to offer. I’m travelling down to ExCel London to attend the BET conference for somewhereto_digital badges soon, which is another interesting and new experience, and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it. 

    Massive thanks to Jenny! Feeling inspired? Head over to to learn more!


    summer of somewhereto_ First Week Round Up

    We’re on a mission to open spaces across the country for young people to do the things they love!

    Thursday 10th July saw the launch of summer of somewhereto_, our summer festival of amazing young talent. Touching down in London, Leicester, Lancaster, Antrim, Glasgow and Aberystwyth, we’re running right through until 31st July so make sure you get stuck on! Here’s a run down of the first week.

    London. 91 Peckham High Street SE15 5RS. Activity schedule here

    Plan B launches summer of somewhereto_ in London with Young Ambassador Kay Davis. Watch our exclusive Q&A here!image

     The somewhereto_ team & volunteers 


    Lancaster. St Nicholas Arcades LA1 1NB. Activity schedule here.

    The somewhereto_ North West team on launch day.


    The Lancaster shop filling up


    Leicester. 3 Shires Lane & Highcross Shopping Centre LE1 4AN. Activity schedule here.

    Space shop and somewhereto_ East Midlands HQ.


    The Creative Kids Lab Science workshop on opening day


    Antrim. 55 High Street BT41 4AY. Activity schedule here.

    The somewhereto_ Northern Ireland team launch the shop in Antrim.

    Antrim activity board.

    Glasgow. Beyond The Finish Line, 7 Trongate G1 5EZ & The Imaginarium Saracen St G22 5JX. Activity schedule here.

    The somewhereto_ Scotland team 

    Read More

    We’re looking for talent!

    We’re looking for fresh young talent to showcase in amazing spaces across the UK.

    If you’re ready to take a step into the spotlight then check out summer of somewhereto_ festival where you will have the opportunity to be seen by top TV talent and music scouts

    Looking for something to so?

    Want to learn something new?

    Need work experience?

    This JULY! Show, sell and skill up. 

    #somewhereto_ summer

    Double The Spotlight with Tow Law & Grace Savage

    We’ve got double the excitement this week with not just one BUT two videos to kick start your weekend!

    First we have “Tom Law and Grace Savage The Making Of”, where we get the inside scoop on what it was like to perform at Wilton Music Hall and we even get a sneaky peek of Tom trying his hand at beatboxing…

    Watch Now

    Secondly, we’ve got Grace Savage giving us a bit of female empowerment with her amazing solo beatboxing performance…

    Watch Now

    What more could you want?

    The Spotlight: Shining the light on the talent of all young people!

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    TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich) TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich) TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich) TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich) TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich)

    It’s inspiring to see what you can achieve with some space and a big mirror. Creativity at its best! 

    Have you got a project that you’d like to take out of your head and into reality?

    Whether it’s creative or not, if you’re 16-25 then get in touch. We can’t give you a mirror but we promise to help you find a space.


    Dalston House (by Leando Erlich)

    It’s safe to climb and play on the roof of this house without a ladder. Leandro Erlich‘s Dalston House makes scaling the brick facade of the three-story walk-up easy, with mirrors doing most of the work. The real background is a relief motif on the ground plane, and its image is rendered upright through the large mirror that hangs at a perfect angle. Children and adults alike are welcome to interact with the installation and pose for pictures that capture only the effects of the optical illusion. But be careful — don’t let your camera betray the technical secret! More info here

    Tom Law & Beatbox champion Grace Savage Collaboration

    It’s finally here! The epic collaboration from beatboxer Grace Savage, and singer Tom Law performing at Wilton Music Hall. Check it out this is a must see!



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    And remember, if you need space for your idea, project, performance (whatever it is) then get in touch. Everything starts with an idea and we like to see your ideas come to life!

    Beatboxing, Pies & Country Bumpkins

    We all love music, right? It makes us happy when we’re sad, keeps us company on the bus and makes us do some stupid dance moves which some how always seem to end up on Facebook. Dooh!

    Well, we don’t just want to hear the music, we want to hear about the musician. And we think you do too. So Yara caught up with Grace Savage & Tom Law to get the inside scoop on their music career and what it was like to perform at the famous Wilton Music Hall.

    Q&A - with Grace Savage & Tom Law

    Yara: So Grace, how did your journey into beatboxing begin?

    Grace: I started off doing the whole stage school thing.  I studied theatre at uni and wanted to go down the ‘drama school’ route.

    Towards the end of uni I started beatboxing and gigging which took me down more of a musical path. Now, I’m beatboxing, singing and working with a producer, so I have many fingers in many pies!

    Y: Tom, we’ve heard you’ve got an EP coming out this summer. Can you tell us more about it?

    Tom: Yeah I’ve literally just finished it. It’s called ‘Build From Zero’. I really feel like it’s a whole step up from everything else I’ve done. It’s recorded with drums, guitars, bass, and vocals. There’s some choir stuff going on in there too. I’m really proud of it. All the songs are quite different so I really hope it raises my game.

    Y: A collaboration between a beatboxer & a musician is not something you see often. How did this come about?

    T&G: I came and did a gig with somewhereto_ and got approached afterwards by the somewhereto_ team and it just went from there really.

    Y:  So today you’ve been performing in Wilton Music Hall, which is one of the oldest music halls in London. What’s it been like?

    G: Amazing – I literally live around the corner and didn’t know this existed. It’s beautiful. Acoustically for beatboxing it picked up the sounds amazingly.

    T: Yeah I love it in here. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the building. I want every single gig I play at to be here.

    Y: How important do you think it is for young people to have access to space?

    T: A lot of the videos I make on YouTube are in my bedroom but if I could do every one of my videos in spaces like this? Yeah, it would be amazing. It would be a real step up.

    Y: I often think your surroundings can affect the genre of music you end up making. You grew up in Cornwall right?

    T: Yeah I did. Right down in the sticks. Growing up surfing and getting out and about. Then I moved to London and now I’m in Bath because I don’t like London, I find it really claustrophobic and stressful for me. I’m just a country bumpkin at heart! I like my space and I like the open air!

    We like our space too Tom!

    If you need space to do the things you love then get in touch, we’re always happy to help!

    And don’t forget to check out The Spotlight this Friday to see Tom & Grace’s performance. It’s epic!


    london, putting on a show.

    Loving this great shot of London! If you’re 16-25 and need a free space to do what you love then check out our website.

    Speaking of all things London… We shone The Spotlight on Twenty Something Londontelling everyone about the independent side of London they know and love – places, events and general quirky happenings.

    Check out the video here!

    TRASH exhibition - private view at Rich Mix

    Join us at RichMix on Wednesday 7th May at 6:30 for the private view of Trash, a new exhibit curated by Natasha Sabatini, including the performance piece, Please Help Yourself. 

    Artists to include 

    Arron Kuiper Christian Patracchini Dafydd Roberts,Helen BurHollie SlaughterHannah Salisbury and Luke Fuller.

    Trash is what we rid ourselves of, something that we no longer want or need, paradoxically though, there are still reasons why we may not want anyone to rummage through it and take it away and have new use for it, even though this is the very same stuff we have come to consider as no longer ours. This thought might suggest that we are anxious and uncertain about what our garbage says about us and the feeling we have when something is irretrievably lost.

    Please help yourself is a performance by Christian Patracchini, culminating from a month spent collecting the discarded objects left on pavements outside houses or in skips, which I will use to explore the complicated connection we have to our waste, posing the question: How is it possible that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure?”

    The performance will begin at 6:30. For more information, please contact Jason Page at

    Graffiti artist | Two Rise | StreetFest live art

    This week we have a Spotlight video going out EVERY DAY!

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    We’re featuring somewhereto_ talent at StreetFest and today we present….

    Two Rise - graffiti artist

    Have skills? Talent? Passions? We find you the space for free to do what you love! Find us here and say hi.

    What’s your music motivation - Blue Skies The Making Of

    If you enjoyed last week’s Blue Skies performance then check out our behind the scenes footage. Dave gives insight into what he believes to be most important when you’re trying to grow an online audience!


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    Blue Skies sing in somewhereto_ space

    We met up with Blue Skies for an exclusive performance of Something Sweet at The George Tavern in Whitechapel, East London.

    The Spotlight:…
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    But if you need space to perform, rehearse, or something completely different then give us a shout on our swanky new website!


    Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through the Day: Having one of those days? These inspirational quotes will make you feel good, especially #4!

    Love this! If you ever need space to make things happen (for free!) then somewhereto_ are waiting for you :)

    Check the website 

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