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Number 10 Downing Street taken over by young people to train freerunning, practice boxing and perform spoken word in this AMAZING video from somewhereto_.

"We have a duty; A duty of care to share our spare space that we live in, and don’t always use - and I have a dream that at some point soon, this duty we have becomes realised.

We’re in a crisis that’s crippled our creatives and our pens, mics, paintbrushes. The crisis is this – we have nowhere to go. Nowhere for our creative seeds to be sown.

You’ve built buildings to become derelict and let usable space go to waste, so we say, put innovative energy into creating what we already have.

Think it through – ask not what space can do for you, but what you can do for our space. Because we need, space.

But we also need to leave our sofas. Need to rise above the games consoles and abandon our telephones

It’s said that we’re lazy so prove them wrong. Show that we are not a nation of couch potatoes, but instead, use passion and ability to set space free from the constraints of emptiness.

And when we’ve put down our mobiles and switched off TVs, we’ll remind you that we need our own spaces, so we can explore.

So, tell us,

Will you open your door?”

- Rubix Collective

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