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Young Britons believe they are amongst the most restricted in Europe when it comes to achieving happiness.

A study, which we ran amongst 16-25 year olds in leading European nations, shows that young people from Germany, France, and Spain are all more confident about achieving their ambitions than their UK peers. More than half (54%) of Britain’s young adults also feel restricted in becoming as happy as they can, with 4/10 fearing they will not be able to find a job in their chosen field.

Other findings revealed that Young Britons are more concerned about money than any of the other nations in the study, with youth unemployment, lack of opportunities and cuts to education following in their list of concerns.

The study, coming a week after the announcement that there are now an unprecedented 1 million young people unemployed in the UK, identifies how the lack of available resources impacts on young people’s hopes and aspirations. Two in five young Britons are concerned about the lack of spaces and facilities open to them - more than those from France, Germany and Spain. As a result, Britain’s young are the least likely to believe they will become ‘the best in their field’.

However, there is good news too. The study also shows that Britain’s younger generation are amongst the most creative, ambitious and entrepreneurial in Europe. More 16-25 year olds from the UK were passionate about extreme sports, drama and theatre and setting up their own business than any other nation in Europe.

Our young people are crying out for the space to fullfil their potential, and we must begin providing more opportunities for them to stop their incredible potential going to waste. Just imagine the change 1 million new businesses, artists, sports stars and musicians could make to Britain!

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