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You know how much the somewhereto_crew has been completely bitten by the Olympic bug?

Well, just when we thought we couldn’t possibly get any more excited about the Games, our long time friend, the lovely Celeste Houlker was announced as a torch bearer! 

Last week, she sojourned to the rather random destination of Chesterfield ( Celeste, editor of the super amazing Live Magazine, is from London) where she took centre stage as she multi-tasked with aplomb: waving at the crowds, holding the torch without dropping it, and having a mighty good time brightening up the day with her winning smile. 

Check out her pics from the day, and watch this space for Celeste’s own personal account of her Olympiad adventure. Celeste, you’ve done us all proud lady! 

Check out our earlier post about equally amazing torchbearer, Belinda , who ran with the torch after getting in touch with her regional co-ordinator. Need some where to do your thing? Look no further than us space champions at somewhereto_. 

If only there was an Olympic space finding race ….alas, get in touch with us today!