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  • The Big Music Project: Shan McGinley’s Top Tips


    The Big Music Project are on a mission to inspire 14-24s about jobs within the music industry! We’re teaming up to deliver panel sessions with industry experts at each of the (free!) events in London (4th October), Cardiff (11th October) and Belfast (18th October)!

    Shan McGinley, Presenter and Editor at IAmMusic.TV and DJ at Roundhouse Radio will be appearing at each panel session to share his experiences in the music industry.  


    • Hometown? Sligo, West of Ireland, but now lives in London. 

    • What job do you do? I’m a presenter and radio DJ but I also manage a music website called IAmMusicTV whilst organising and DJ’ing at events.

    • Traditional or Alternative? Do you have qualifications that helped you on your career journey? Alternative, most definitely. I dropped out of UNI after a year because it really wasn’t for me. My mind runs a bit wild all the time so being in a lecture hall was never going to fit within my interests.

    I went to Point Blank Music college in Hoxton to do a radio production course for six months when I first moved to London. I learnt so much about the skills needed to succeed in radio from my tutors at the college. After that I went on to do internships such as Ministry of Sound and volunteer at Rinse FM for almost two years. In that time I also linked up with Carly Wilford who created IAmMusicTV, and started to progress at presenting and loads of other areas I wanted to work within. 

    • How did you get into music broadcasting and blogging? Radio has always been my dream. I’ve just grabbed every opportunity that has come my way. Personally, being hungry and eager to learn is the main thing for me, and networking. Meeting key people who have helped me progress is how I’ve ended up at a great deal of the places I am today. Most of the people you meet in your life, at some point will help you along the way and if you’re lucky, become good friends too, which is amazing!

    • Whats the best thing about your job? Chasing your dream everyday is the best part of the job. It’s always exciting because things can happen at such a tremendous pace. Interviewing and hanging out with people who you’ve always wanted to meet never gets old. Also working towards making some changes in the game that you want to see happen is a proper buzz!

    • And the worst thing? Tough criticism can be hard to take at times, but you’ve just got to take the positives, and keep trucking. Some people will knock you just for the sake of it, but they’re the kind of people that drag you down, so don’t mind them. However, those that will give you constructive feedback are the ones that will help you to be better at your craft. So be thankful for them, and work hard to show people that you’re good enough to be there!

    • What advice do you have for a young person looking to get into music broadcasting? So much of this business is unpaid to begin with, so make sure you’re willing to work extremely hard and put in the hours. As a presenter, always listen back to your own shows and look for areas where you can improve on. Go out in search of feedback from people who you want to work alongside. Keep following your dream and don’t let anything negative get in the way of the goals you want to achieve. Oh and of course HUSTLE! 

    5 Top Tips to getting the best out of your music blog

    • Create a clear vision of what you want to achieve by developing the music website or blog.

    • In this day & age, loads of blogs and websites think it’s really cool to be negative all the time. Just support and write about what you love and don’t get wrapped up in slating people’s work. Its too much energy in the first place, keep your energy for backing the musicians that you want to see do well.

    • When you start to build momentum, always look to branch out and get more likeminded & talented people involved who understand what the website’s vision is about. Building the right team takes time but it’s key. It also allows you & your partners to concentrate on expansion and other areas of the platform.

    • Hustle!!! The most important thing in the music industry is hustle. This comes into every aspect of what you do. Including festivals, getting interviews from your top artists in a packed press room, running events, etc. Hustling is a very positive characteristic to have in your locker, but you must be polite & humble at all times. Nobody likes ignorant people!

    • Don’t sell-out on what you want do with the website or blog. PR’s will hound you to write about their artists but you don’t have to! (Sometimes they’re just awful anyways). If they don’t fit into the sound or style you’re supporting then just ignore it. 

    To see Shan on the somewhereto_ panel along with a whole host of other music industry experts, sign up for free tickets here. See you there!

    somewhereto_NI are about to brighten up the high street!

    somewhereto_ Northern Ireland are busy preparing for an exciting few days in May with their event The Open Source.

    The Open Source is a performance space, music venue and workshop hub bringing life back into an empty space on Belfast’s Donegall Street during the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.



    For eleven days, The Open Source brings life to a vacant property and provides space for free workshops, performances and exchange of ideas between 12 noon and 7pm daily. Check out their programme here.


     Run by volunteers and made possible by the donation of the space, furniture, equipment and the artists’ time, The Open Source relies on the spirit of collectivism and collaboration to provide a dynamic, creative hub in the city. 

    This year’s Open Source is 25 Donegall Street, Belfast. Check back on their page here for more photos as the space begins to take shape in the run-up to opening day on 2nd May.  

    Do you need space to do what you love? Get in touch with somewhereto_ so we can find you the ultimate space to do what you love to do..

    In need of a versatile, slightly unusual space to perform? Then check out the Belfast Barge.  

    It’s a unique floating venue, permanently moored behind Belfast’s Waterfront Hall- the space is also a very interesting venue because it doubles as a maritime museum,  which pays homage to Belfast’s rich maritime heritage.

    The space is also home to a multi use performance space, that can be used for an array of your somewhereto_ needs,  including drama, dance, film screenings, art exhibitions and live music.

    Sound like your perfect space? Then get in touch today, and don’t forget to check out our other spaces as well

    So gang, as you know, we have been scouring the land, looking high and low in search of the biggest show offs in the land! Last week our valiant quest took us to Belfast, where we joined by Britain’s Got Talent star Ryan O’Shaughnessy, who performed a few sets before inviting local talent to the stage. Enjoy the highlights vid, and don’t forget that there are only 5 days left until the closing date of the show off competition, which you can enter here:

    Just submit a 60 sec clip of you showing off your skills by the 18th July, good luck! 

    Folks, yesterday we took the amazing somewhereto_showoff stage to Belfast’s glorious Victoria Square 

    And we had some help introducing the fantastic local talent from none other than Britain’s Got Talent finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy! He performed an acoustic set to thousands of fans before we were able to enjoy the diverse array of acts that turned up from the Emerald Isle. 

    somewhereto_ show off is offering you the chance to perform at the Olympic Park during the 2012 Games, and the chance to fly out to Rio de Janeiro with BAFTA winning actor, writer and director Adam Deacon- who will film you doing your thing in beautiful Brazil!

    All you have to do is upload a 60 sec clip of you doing your thing- be it dance, BMX’ing,  DJing, WHATEVER.

    Show us how you show off today!  

    Third year architecture student Alice appreciates space in the same way as somewhereto_.

    As demonstrated by her inspiring new exhibit at the Belfast Art Tank, its all about creative thinking, pushing boundaries and potential. The exhibition itself imaginatively probes the possibilities of an inner-city urban community in Belfast, and overcoming the ironic sense of isolation that living in a bustling city space can induce. What? We like to get a little deep every now and then. Be sure to read more about Alice’s experiences here

    Do you need a space to share your profoundly moving perspective? A home for your innovative ideas?  Then get in touch today

    And don’t forget, the somewhereto_ crew will be in Belfast on Wednesday 4th July in Victoria Square from 12-4 as part of somewhereto_ showoff! come down and show us what you’ve got to win the  chance to perform at the Olympic Park and fly out to Rio with Adam Deacon, where you can feature in your own special showoff film! 

    So, even though we are not in Belfast today, our love affair with the beautiful city and its wonderful spaces continues!

    Check out the Ulster Hall, a glorious space for you to unleash your creative side- whether you need a space to get creative or rehearse, Ulster Hall is prefect!

    Click here to find out more about this space and here to find out more about how to find the perfect space for you! 

    And despair not, we are looking forward to being in Belfast on Wednesday 4th July from 12-4 next week for our amazing somewhereto_showoff competition.  Hope to see you there where you can wow us with your skills

    It’s all about Belfast this week folks, as this Thursday (June 28) we will be bringing the somewhereto_ show off stage to Victoria Square in the great Irish city.

    In celebration of this, our spotlight space is the award winning Waterfront Hall, which since it opened 15 years ago, has boosted the local economy both socially and economically. The space boasts a range of facilities including a large main auditorium, meeting rooms, gallery space that has welcomed over 5 million people. So guys, if you are in Belfast and need a space to do your thing, click here:


    But don’t worry if you can’t make it down on Thursday, you can still be in with the chance to win the opportunity to perform during the Games, or even fly to RIO DE JANEIRO with BAFTA winning actor Adam Deacon by clicking here : 

    A large multi-use space in Belfast, Antrim - that you could be using for free next week!

    Formerly the Group Theatre, this space has been refurbished to create a fresh and spacious multi-purpose room. A wonderful space to unleash your creative side; practice or perform drama, music, poetry and much more. The hall is in use for various events around the year, so contact a regional coordinator to find out more.

    On another note: If you would like to get involved by helping out with the Open Source Belfast festival as a volunteer, click here to apply. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in venue management, programming, event management, and customer service. Out of pocket expenses will be covered, including travel to and from the venue on public transport and a meal each day.

    Get in touch now to use this space ASAP!

    Check out what they have done (and are still doing!) with one of the greatest unused spaces of all time!

    The Titanic Quarter regeneration is one of the biggest projects Northern Ireland. Turning this historic and previously unused space into a project that will be beneficial for the wider community of Northern Ireland is wicked.

    You could do the same… well not exactly the same, but you could turn your dreams into a reality with one of nearly 600 spaces available for free around the UK. Get in Touch Now!