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  • We’re looking for talent!

    We’re looking for fresh young talent to showcase in amazing spaces across the UK.

    If you’re ready to take a step into the spotlight then check out summer of somewhereto_ festival where you will have the opportunity to be seen by top TV talent and music scouts

    Looking for something to so?

    Want to learn something new?

    Need work experience?

    This JULY! Show, sell and skill up. 

    #somewhereto_ summer

    There was a lot of moments when I got goose bumps, just being part of it


    - David Beckham speaking about being a part of the process of the transporting the Olympic Torch from Athens to London.

    Six of our own somewhereto_ young people are carrying the Olympic Torch at different points in the relay. We are VERY proud of them!

    Inspirational, don’t you think?

    Find out how you can get involved with helping the somewhereto_ movement, or get in touch to use one of our spaces and be the movement!


    Needing somewhereto_ DANCE? Wether it’s for rehearsal or performance check it out,

    Founded in 1991 Dance City in Newcastle is now one of the pioneering dance organisations in the north east region of England. It’s the perfect place to rehearse and perform your dancing skills. So whether you are interested in ballet, cheerleading, line dancing or hip hop this space is a must for anyone who needs somewhere to dance!

    Get in touch with us today to use this space, or inquire about any other spaces you might want to use wether its dance or something entirely different!

    somewhereto_ film a TV pilot

    Rosalind was asked to take part in a TV pilot where you get transformed into someone from an era that one of your relatives came from. With inspiration in the form of a photo of her grandma, she was transformed into a woman from the 50s.

    I thought this project sounded different and fun and I had never done anything involved with television before. When I had my transformation I was completely shocked at how I looked! I looked so much more grown up and sophisticated, I think it was the huge eyebrows that made me look unrecognizable though!

    The space needed to be somewhere that fitted in with the theme of her TV programme, so somewhereto_ found her the perfect space in Geldeston Village Hall. A gorgeous vintage style hall, with bags of potential for a winning film location.

    Get in touch now to find your own space for free- take your pick from 630 (and counting!) spaces around the UK.