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    To mark International Women’s Day we’re celebrating some of the inspiring and talented young women who have already found space to do the things they love with somewhereto_.

    Hollie found somewhereto_ hold a disability film festival_

    17 year old Hollie is passionate about raising the profile of the London 2012 Paralympic Games since being diagnosed with a condition that means that she can no longer take part in physical sports herself.

    In November 2011 she was given a screen room at the Phoenix Digital Media Centre in Leicester, to hold a day long ‘Disibility Film Festival’. Hollie programmed a mixture of locally produced films along with some national and international films to be shown throughout the day where projects and organisations brought along their beneficiaries and supporters to see their films on the big screen.

    "The Disability Film Festival was about recognising people for their abilities, rather than focusing on their disability." - Hollie Sturgess, disabilities campaigner

    See Hollie speaking publicly about the Paralympics Games here.

    Bridget, Deanna and Ayesha found somewhereto_ speak their mind_

    In October 2011 Britain’s most famous front door was unlocked to 10 young people as part of somewhereto_. Spoken word artists Bridget Minamore, Deanna Roger and Ayesha Badat from Rubix Collective were given free rein to use Number 10 Downing Street to showcase their skills, together with fellow Rubix Collective artist Sean Mahoney.

    "It’s epic man, it’s completely epic!" - Deanna Roger, spoken word artist

    See the video of their performance here.

    Hannah found somewhereto_ exhibit to a wider audience_

    Hannah wanted somewhereto_ showcase her unique brand of ‘Sharpie Art’ created on skateboard decks, table tops and canvases using only Sharpie pens. Through somewhereto_ Hannah first found an empty shop space in the bustling Leeds Corn Exchange, which she used as a studio and exhibition space in December 2011.

    Following this Hannah was offered exhibition space outside The O2 in central London, alongside several other young artists, in conjunction with Graffiti Life. This opportunity gave Hannah the chance to expose her work to over 100,000 people over a two week period.

    "I wouldn’t of done it without the somewhereto_ regional coordinators Laura and Rebecca. It has been a huge challenge and a learning curve however one which I have welcomed as it has given me the opportunity to explore my inner creatives juices"

    See photos of the Graffiti Life exhibition outside The O2 here.

    Mary and Harriet found somewhereto_ perform at the IRN-BRU Carnival_

    Mary Winn and Harriet Cockerline were presented with the amazing opportunity to perform as Mary Sends Out Warning, alongside other somewhereto_ performers, in front of a big Scottish Audience at the IRN-BRU Carnival 2011/12.

    "We would like to say thank you to somewhereto_ for giving us this amazing opportunity! We had an amazing time and it was such a great milestone to achieve as a band." - Mary Sends Out Warning

    See the video of their performance here.

    Sykes found somewhereto_ support and mentor other young people_

    Following her own success, somewhereto_ champion Sykes now mentors young new campaigners and performers alongside the somewhereto_ regional coordinators. somewhereto_ provided a number of spaces and paths for the talented Sykes, and in her own words helped her to be the person she is today, both as an artist and an individual. Sykes has had BBC Radio 1 airplay and opened for Mary J. Blige at The O2, as well as obtaining magazine and newspaper coverage.

    "It only makes sense that I give back and help those involved. I still love being part of the project!" - Sykes - somewhereto_ champion

    Find your free space here, or tell us what kind of space you need here.