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  • TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich) TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich) TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich) TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich) TRAVELINGCOLORS - Dalston House (by Leando Erlich)

    It’s inspiring to see what you can achieve with some space and a big mirror. Creativity at its best! 

    Have you got a project that you’d like to take out of your head and into reality?

    Whether it’s creative or not, if you’re 16-25 then get in touch. We can’t give you a mirror but we promise to help you find a space.


    Dalston House (by Leando Erlich)

    It’s safe to climb and play on the roof of this house without a ladder. Leandro Erlich‘s Dalston House makes scaling the brick facade of the three-story walk-up easy, with mirrors doing most of the work. The real background is a relief motif on the ground plane, and its image is rendered upright through the large mirror that hangs at a perfect angle. Children and adults alike are welcome to interact with the installation and pose for pictures that capture only the effects of the optical illusion. But be careful — don’t let your camera betray the technical secret! More info here

    From Monday 21st October until Sunday 27th October somewhereto_ re:store will be landing in Leicester’s Highcross Shopping Centre. somewhereto_ East Midlands will be working with a group of local talented creative’s, artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and talents.

    The old Powerplay store will be inspiring and engaging the public with a mixture of exhibitions, performances, shows, taster workshops, showcases…even a visit from captain Jack Sparrow Himself who will be ensuring swash buckling adventures as part of Treasure Trove Thursday, whilst Mermaids and UV special effects will ensure that underwater Wednesday will sure to be a huge hit!


    Sarah Holt the winner of the Oxford St John Lewis competition earlier in the year will be exhibiting her new batch of artwork and wonderful Pop Art creations as well running workshops for members of the public and lets not forget the amazing Georgina Elsom who will be doing some amazing story telling and puppet making throughout the week to ensure that even the youngest visitors to the shop will be wowed.

    We will of course be joined by the one and only Orator “Boston Williams” who will be running spoken word workshops and networking events for like minded people to promote his new young poet society he has recently started up.


    We also have lost of artists work on display throughout the week which will see photography, sculptures, paintings, artifacts and live make up demonstrations from the amazing Kelly Odell and much more!

    Also throughout the week the amazing Face painting faeries will be on hand to offer their amazing face painting skills to members of the public!


    If all that is not enough for you we know that October wouldn’t be the same without a little Blood and Gore so our whole weekend will be dedicated to getting people into the Halloween mood with lots of zombie inspired workshops and showcases with the amazing Helen Claire who will be doing a little Zombie Zumba!

    We have local filmmakers and photographers on board, so we will be sure to share footage of the event with you all especially the revamping and showcasing of our somewhereto_ Dress!


    You can find out about all of the young people involved in the Leicester half term re:store shop by following us on twitter @somewhereto_EM,

    Facebook – somewhereto_ East Midlands

    or you can contact the East Midlands RDP’s by emailing or

    somewhereto_ re:store hits Aberystwyth

    What would you do with a disused shop? The fabulous Aberystwyth re:store team have so far hosted (big breath..!) a music society, DJ sets, an art exhibition, a photography show and a drama workshop. Not bad for their first two weeks! Their shop had been empty for the past few months since the closure of an ink cartridge business. We think they’ve done a pretty fantastic job and this is just start!

    Here’s a few pictures of their fabulous work!

    Got a fantastic idea of your own for a disused space? Head over to somewhereto_ where we can match you with a space of your own.

    Congrats to our Palladium Boots winner - Jake Watson!

    This summer, as part of our somewhereto_ re:store [the high street heist] campaign, we ran a competition asking photo snappers across the UK to tweet or instagram a photo that tied in with the theme ‘My City’.

    We are happy to announce the winner was Jake Watson - who has won a years supply of Palladium Boots (12 pairs, one for each month), a city exploration with Global Street Art and will have his winning picture showcased in Palladium Boots stores.

    You can see Jake’s amazing winning photo above (top, main picture), as well the runner up Carl Williams’ (first row, left), and the best of the rest:

    Rob Perry (first row, middle)

    Levi Kent (first row, right)

    Tanaka Samuel (second row, left)

    Sophie Heppell (second row, middle)

    Brychan Morris-Dafydd (second row, right)

    Rupinder Garcha (third row, left)

    Anna Bruce (third row, middle)

    Steve Maynard (third row, right)

    somewhereto_ re:store (the #highstreetheist) was a high impact campaign seeing young people take over a series of shops across the UK (from #London to Manchester, Glasgow, Bangor, Cardiff, Newcastle and beyond) for a six-week period, having launched in London on 18 July.

    We put disused shops into the capable hands of local young people to deliver events and activities that benefited their future ambitions as well as revamped the high street and engaged local communities.

    Find a FREE space with somewhereto_ to make your ideas come to life here

    What a pretty sight eh? Have a look what happened when zombies joined somewhereto_ re:store (the high street heist) in Leicester!

    somewhereto_ re:store (the high street heist) is a UK-wide takeover of empty shops and shop spaces, with young people at the frontline, reinvigorating dying high streets with their creative and entrepreneurial skills and activity.

    And the high streets of Leicester have never looked so alive when a mass of zombies crawled and stumbled their way to a somewhereto_ media hub in Coffee Republic as part of somewhereto_ re:store. Don’t fear! No one was hurt, this was all part of an Enter Edem stunt, carefully organised by somewhereto_ young person Emma Fay to (ironically) bring some life and colour back into the high street. And what a deadly beautiful job she did. 

    Here’s John Coster, editor of Citizen’s Eye and a regional delivery partner for somewhereto_ East Midlands explaining further alongside some zombie friends:

    Want to find out more and get involved with somewhereto_ re:store? Take your talent to the streets here!

    Photo credit: Jonathan Macauley

    On the 24th of April, Kelly Odell, An award winning student (Illamasqua’s Distinction in Make-up Artistry Award Winner 2011), in her second year at Leicester College, created her ‘dream exhibition’ as part of her Artistic Makeup and Special Effects Foundation Degree.

    Kelly, who specialises in the photographic and film industries, worked with Emma FayRebecca Yeates and several other assistants to create ten ‘looks’ featuring artistic make-up, special effects and body art designs.

    The highlight, was a live action, body-painting exhibition where paint was thrown against a semi-nude model in front of a blank canvas, creating two unique pieces of art, that is, the painted model and the silhouette on the canvas behind her.

    Check out the video!

    If you need space to do what you love then get in touch with somewhereto_ 


    Smithsonian Magazine’s 2012 Photo Contest:

    “Exploring the Night” A lone hiker viewed the path before him as the Milky Way rose in the night sky above Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. Taken by Jason Hatfield, Lakewood, Colorado, in May of 2012. (©

    This is a pretty amazing space! We love finding new and inspiring spaces to unlock so that you can do what you love to do. 

    If you’re 16-25 and need space to do your thing then get in touch here

    (via the-gasoline-station)

    Introducing! Devon Wright found space with the help of somewhereto_

    Devon Wright is a student who needed help finding a photography location! Here’s her experience…


    I found out about somewhereto_ through a photographer who built up his portfolio and carrier with the help of the programme. Seeing as I am still a student it is hard to find locations for free. This is where somewhereto_ comes in. They find out what your studying, what your ideas are about and where you would like to take them. They found me a match that very day!

    The location was a fairly new trendy studio in Peckham, The Dye House at the incredible Nutbrook studios. Hidden behind a residential street, the studio is a huge warehouse which was originally a laundry house. It has been converted into a funky studio used by film crews, photographers, exhibitions and more. My first impression was “WOW”, I honestly wasn’t expecting this. The people who work there welcomed us in straight away, told us how to use their fancy coffee machine, showed me the lighting and took us on a tour of the studio. 
    The shoot went great, and now my portfolio looks even better! I would definitely recommend this location, you could do so many things in this location. I will be going back to this studio in the future. It was a great match. Thank you to the somewhereto_ team and The Dye House at Nutbrook Studios.
    We’re really glad to have been able to help Devon build his portfolio by unlocking The Dye House at Nutbrook Studios. Do you need space like this? Why not get in touch, like loads of other 16-25 year olds have!

    somewhereto_ showcase: Introducing Jack & Robert from Pholio

    It’s Global Entrepreneur Week! Introducing Jack Booth & Robert Wigman, both 23 years old. Who started up their business called Pholio with the help of somewhereto_

    Pholio is an online network for undergraduate and recently graduated photographers to showcase their portfolios directly to accomplished freelance artists, agencies and other industry professionals so that they can achieve maximum exposure quickly and efficiently. Our innovative and unique system provides photographers with high quality feedback on their work (through the cheapest online photography portfolio review service available), a space to show their portfolios, and provides exposure to key members of the photography industry, all via an easy, effective, online platform.

    Pholio was created to make the photography degree more valuable. So if you are currently within 2 years of graduation on a photography-based degree course (or equivalent) or have graduated in the last 2 years, this service is for you.

    A big challenge so far has been trying to launch and run a new business during a recession. However our number one challenge is the fact that we’re trying to change the way emerging talent enters the photography industry. As this is a new initiative, we have to change the way people go about sourcing their talent.

    somewhereto_ asked: Where do you see your company in 10 years?

    We hope to be not only the biggest collective of emerging photography talent online, but also the go-to place for people to access the highest quality photography, and photographers. We hope to prove Pholio is a valuable tool over the next few years, and ultimately change the way all talented creatives enter their industries.

    somewhereto_ has provided us with opportunities to meet other business owners and entrepreneurs on a variety of levels from peers to industry members.

    somewhereto_ asked: What’s been your best experience with somewhereto_ so far?

    The somewhereto_ spaced pitch event in September was a great opportunity to present our idea to such a variety of people, from professionals to peers also starting up new businesses.

    somewhereto_ asked: If you could have any space to do your thing, what and where would it be?

    We’ve always said we want a physical display of the photography we have on Pholio, and it’s always been our intention to host a regular exhibition of the work of our talented emerging photographers. Our ideal space would be a London exhibition space to do regular Pholio shows with a view to gaining further exposure for our members.

    We’re currently touring the country to speak with as many photography students as possible, sharing our experiences, offering advise and promoting Pholio. We’re trying to build our community of emerging talent and we have big plans for the near future!

    Visit the website at Follow us on Twitter @PholioUK Find us on Facebook at

    We think what Jack and Robert have done is so innovative and exciting. Who’s going to get their snaps up their first?! Need a space to do your thing? Do what Jack and Robert did and get in touch with somewhereto_ 

    Last week (on June 8th) Somerset House, the prestigious home of the British Fashion Council - played host to yet another somewhereto_success story, with a one off exhibition merging the worlds of fashion and art .  

    The show, curated by NZEPLTN, was a creative collective of young designers, models, photographers, make-up artists and musicians in the space unlocked by somewhereto_

    The show itself was entitled ‘MDOVTS’ and with an original display of raw creativity, brought to life fashion with an exciting live show exhibiting and celebrating the multiple elements required to put on a vibrant catwalk show.

    The show also celebrated other creative forms through filming and photography (of the event) and live music performances. Sam, the founder of the collective said: “Our aim has always been to merge our creativity with the heritage of British fashion and so we are excited that somewhereto_ helped us secure Somerset House as the space to launch our first ever art show.”

    MDOVTS was a huge success and has forged an even stronger bond between professionals and aspiring young creatives; lasting legacies that drive the somewhereto_ project.

    Esther Brown from somewhereto_ finished with a smile stating: “Somerset House has been incredibly supportive of the collective and their ambitions as they continue to grow professionally.”

    Get in touch now to find your own free space!

    Jhenelle White, here with our London regional coordinator Louisa Fearnley, is our somewhereto_ volunteer of the month!

    Jhenelle has been doing some great work helping Louisa with events, taking photos of new somewhereto_ spaces and even assisting with some paperwork.

    For her hard work, Jhenelle was awarded a prize, which she chose to be a 35mm film camera to assist her with her passion of photography.

    Well done Jhenelle! If you’d like to volunteer with somewhereto_ we’d love to have you! 

    An absolutely incredible photograph from The Guardian

    The effect photographer John Raoux has achieved with an extended exposure is great!

    Need somewhereto_ practice your photography skills? Get in touch today. Not only can we provide space for free, in some cases we can also provide high-tech equipment!


    An extended exposure of the Falcon 9 rocket as it launches from Cape Canaveral Photograph: John Raoux/AP

    Tuesday’s launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral air force station in Florida was the culmination of months of preparation for the first commercial flight to the International Space Station

    (Source: )

    A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO: that you can use for free!

    A small but well equipped professional photography studio and media suite in Norwich - very slick!

    If you need somewhereto_ photograph something or someone (or just practice your photography) using professional lighting, and having access to an array of equipment, this is the place for you!

    Contact us today for more details.

    Looking for somewhereto_ get that break in Journalism or Production? Look no further… especially if you live in Blaenau Gwent in South Wales!

    Are you looking for somewhere to showcase your film, animation, music or journalism? 3VTV is a local television channel for the Blaenau Gwent area of south Wales. The internet-based channel shows films made locally, as well as promotional videos for local businesses. It combines professionally-made films with content made by community groups and others in the local area. Make a film, write a blog, create a cartoon, compose a soundtrack, about any topic under the sun – as long as you have a link to Blaenau Gwent or your work does. We’re a local TV channel so we want to reflect what’s going on. If you’re interested in getting involved and live or study in Blaenau Gwent, or you’re willing to make content about or linked to Blaenau Gwent, 3VTV could be just the space you’re looking for. 3VTV is run by the Micro-Broadcasting Centre at the University of Wales, Newport and is part-funded by the Welsh Government.

    Get in touch now to use this (ultra cool) space!

    An environment of inspiration

    These meeting rooms are in the centre of Leeds and are a great space to meet in creative surroundings- wether you’re discussing politics, brainstorming new ideas or creating art!

    What are you waiting for? Get in touch now to see when this space is available to use!