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  • Introducing! Devon Wright found space with the help of somewhereto_

    Devon Wright is a student who needed help finding a photography location! Here’s her experience…


    I found out about somewhereto_ through a photographer who built up his portfolio and carrier with the help of the programme. Seeing as I am still a student it is hard to find locations for free. This is where somewhereto_ comes in. They find out what your studying, what your ideas are about and where you would like to take them. They found me a match that very day!

    The location was a fairly new trendy studio in Peckham, The Dye House at the incredible Nutbrook studios. Hidden behind a residential street, the studio is a huge warehouse which was originally a laundry house. It has been converted into a funky studio used by film crews, photographers, exhibitions and more. My first impression was “WOW”, I honestly wasn’t expecting this. The people who work there welcomed us in straight away, told us how to use their fancy coffee machine, showed me the lighting and took us on a tour of the studio. 
    The shoot went great, and now my portfolio looks even better! I would definitely recommend this location, you could do so many things in this location. I will be going back to this studio in the future. It was a great match. Thank you to the somewhereto_ team and The Dye House at Nutbrook Studios.
    We’re really glad to have been able to help Devon build his portfolio by unlocking The Dye House at Nutbrook Studios. Do you need space like this? Why not get in touch, like loads of other 16-25 year olds have!

    Hype in Sheffield!

    There is a choice of two dance studios and a meeting room at Hype Dance Academy.

    Spaces are good for dance, drama, fitness classes as well as acting as a meeting and training space. Please note that the sizes below are approximate!

    Studio 1: 10.5m x 8.1m - 85sq m

    Studio 2: 15m x 5.6m - 84sq m

    Get in touch now to find your own performance space here.

    The Bellenden Recording Studio in London- looking for a fully equipped studio?

    Extremely well equipped studio with guitars and a drum kit. Perfect for music rehearsals and recordings. If an engineer is required to be present when the space is in use, this cost may need to be covered.

    Get in touch now to use this space!

    This is one of several spaces offered by brilliant Glasgow venue The Arches.

    The space is 9m x 4m, and located in the basement area of the venue near the cafe/bar. The walls are painted black, making this a great space for filming. It can also fit up to 50 people!

    This is only one of many somewhereto_ spaces that are available at The Arches for regular use whenever they’re not being used by the team. Contact us to discuss when you would need the space to see whether it’s possible.

    Get in touch now to use this space!