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  • Guest Blogger! Kelsey Bridge fills us in on her experience at the Fashion House event in Preston

    Kelsey Bridges, a young, talented, and budding make up artist brought her skills to the catwalk fashion event in an incredible space in Deepdale Shopping Centre, Preston - unlocked by somewhereto_. We thought that wasn’t quite enough. Now we’ve given her the space to exercise her journalistic abilities and give you all the inside view on her experience! 


    We all know how a few makeup products can transform someone’s face completely. A thin line of eyeliner can instantly make your eyes stand out, a slight touch of bronzer gives you that sunkissed glow you’ve always dreamed of and that small dab of scarlet red lipstick transforms your teeth to a sparkly white. So, imagine my delight then when I was told that I had the opportunity to do the makeup for a catwalk, as cliché as it sounds, I was over the moon. I’d watched many catwalks (mostly on Britain and Irelands Next Top Model) and instead of focusing entirely on the outfits they were wearing, like most people would, I’d be in awe over their makeup.


    When I arrived I was blown away (another little cliché for you). The set up was amazing. A long catwalk stretched down the centre of the room. The place I knew everyone would finally witness my designs. As I walked through the door the other university students were modelling. I hadn’t been told that they were going to be creating their own clothes and honestly, I was stunned. From simple resources like newspaper and plastic bags they had designed a variety of amazing fashion pieces - something I had thought impossible after my failed high school project. An elegant, evening dress made from card, a short skirt from plastic bags and a hat mad from tissue paper. All uniquely and incredibly different. Seeing their performance got my adrenaline pumping and I couldn’t wait for my models to arrive so I could get started!


    The preparation was pretty stressful. At times I would be doing someone’s makeup whilst two others were doing her hair. The model’s head would be yanked back with a brush as I was trying to delicately trace her waterline with eyeliner. But even so I enjoyed every minute. They strutted out onto the runway to ‘Something New’ and I finally got to look at my makeup designs. Perfect. Luckily for me I was given the duty of taking photos which meant I could watch the catwalk and also avoid the very hectic outfit changes.


    At the end I was welcomed onto the catwalk for acknowledgment of the effort I’d put in. It had been a surprisingly large amount of effort and pressure which left my knees knocking together. Would I do it again? Definitely, if I was ever lucky enough to get the opportunity. I would like to thank everyone who planned this day as they put on an amazing show which must have taken a huge amount planning and preparation. Without them I, among many others, would not have our dream day (I couldn’t not finish without a cliché, now could I?)


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    In December 2012 somewhereto_NW opened up the old Borders store at Preston’s Deepdale Retail Park.

    In partnership with Preston College they hosted a weekend long fashion event with catwalks, stalls, and entertainment.

    Would you like somewhereto_ to unlock a space for you to express your talents and skills? Find out more here

    Last week (on June 8th) Somerset House, the prestigious home of the British Fashion Council - played host to yet another somewhereto_success story, with a one off exhibition merging the worlds of fashion and art .  

    The show, curated by NZEPLTN, was a creative collective of young designers, models, photographers, make-up artists and musicians in the space unlocked by somewhereto_

    The show itself was entitled ‘MDOVTS’ and with an original display of raw creativity, brought to life fashion with an exciting live show exhibiting and celebrating the multiple elements required to put on a vibrant catwalk show.

    The show also celebrated other creative forms through filming and photography (of the event) and live music performances. Sam, the founder of the collective said: “Our aim has always been to merge our creativity with the heritage of British fashion and so we are excited that somewhereto_ helped us secure Somerset House as the space to launch our first ever art show.”

    MDOVTS was a huge success and has forged an even stronger bond between professionals and aspiring young creatives; lasting legacies that drive the somewhereto_ project.

    Esther Brown from somewhereto_ finished with a smile stating: “Somerset House has been incredibly supportive of the collective and their ambitions as they continue to grow professionally.”

    Get in touch now to find your own free space!