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  • Guest blog from somewhereto_ young person Jennifer Collier

    somewhereto_ young person Jenny Collier takes the reigns for a fun-filled rundown of summer of somewhereto_

    This summer I decided to join the somewhereto_ East Midlands team and honestly it’s been just one fantastic experience after another.

    Tina, the regional somewhereto_ representative is more of a mentor and friend to me, opening up so many opportunities and getting me involved in the national and local campaigns, such as The Big Positive campaign. Through somewhereto_ Tina has opened up shopping centres for After Dark Takeover Films which feature amazing urban athletes such as BMX Champs Keelan Phillips, Mat Armstrong and Cam Peake.


    somewhereto_ has also helped my blog to become a virtual space holder for local young creatives. I can now offer people who sign up the chance to be interviewed by me, which I’ll then write a blog, which they can use on their own websites and post out on their own social media platforms. This also helps to evidence a young persons event and experience with somewhereto_.

    The summer of somewhereto_ was three weeks of pure craziness in Leicester, we had talks and workshops run by young creatives, street art, photo shoots, FIVE pop up shops and auditions & workshops with SYCO Entertainment, seeing some of the best bands from Leicester performing live such as By The Rivers and The Day Dreamers. To top it all off an influx of incredibly talented young creative’s coming to our own shop Wotspace. It’s been fantastic to realize how many young people have so much talent, which you would never realize without this project.

    somewhereto_ has helped young people start their businesses, realise that they have creative talent and just offer support in general. I know for certain that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Tina and somewhereto_ and it’s helped me to build my own confidence in what I’m doing so that I felt that I could start my own freelance blogging business. By linking me up with other creatives, start up businesses and giving me the support I needed to take the next step from having an idea to actually doing it.

    It still surprises me every day just how many ideas young people have for so many different things such as business, creativity, teaching and events just for fun people, all in such different spaces. One girl wanted a space to cover in bubble wrap then film people as they come in and popped it, crazy but we do want to make it happen. We get such a mixture of young people I always thought that I was alone in my decision to go down the creative route and not go to university. But it’s really good to know that people understand that you want to get hands on experience and that they will help you to do so, and that there are people in the same boat as you. 

    My somewhereto_ experience is constantly changing with the different roles that I take, from being a ‘space user’ to a ‘space holder’. Working with somewhereto_ has allowed me to develop skills in many areas because of the different experiences they have to offer. I’m travelling down to ExCel London to attend the BET conference for somewhereto_digital badges soon, which is another interesting and new experience, and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it. 

    Massive thanks to Jenny! Feeling inspired? Head over to to learn more!


    Another week done in the somewhereto_ Boxpark pop-up shop and true to form this week has been as diverse and exciting as we’ve come to expect! Just ask young shop managers Laura Frood and Misha Meghna…

    The week started off with a bang with young fashion designer Arsalan Khalily of Diam Clothing drawing in the crowds, all dying to snap up pieces from his latest collection. Keep an eye on this one; a real superstar in the making!

    Wednesday saw our first installation of the month courtesy of the very talented Alice Woods. Her striking pieces invite the viewer to think about technology in the modern world and to question its role within our own lives. We also saw an exhibition from Emma Nabrynjd - a photography student at Central Saint Martins. Her images from a disposable camera were a beautiful and abstract exploration of light.

    Thursday was foodie day! We had divine nut butters from Pip and Nut - not only absolutely delicious but all free from additives. Our personal favourite was the maple nut butter! To quench our thirst after a long day we had natural lemonades from Square Root London - the dynamic duo Ed and Robyn were a joy to work with and even had us dancing in the shop!

    We then closed the week with urban stylings from fashion trio Something About Elizabeth. They transformed our space into a funky, urban fashion store and with complimentary work from artist Che Kumar our store was looking ready for the weekend.

    Want space like this for your business idea? Get over to and we can put you in touch with some amazing spaces across the UK! We’ve negotiated 4,000 direct matches so far - could you be next?

    somewhereto_ t-shirt design competition!

    Fancy designing a t-shirt for the somewhereto_ London Flashmob Dance?

    somewhereto_LDN are planning a Flashmob Dance taking place in June as part of A Good Week 2012.

    A team of dancers will take to the streets of Central London to perform a routine celebrating all things Good!

    We are looking for a young person to design the show gear! If you would like to be in with the chance of having dancers wear your design in a central London location, why not use your imagination to capture attention in this unusual space.

    See below for more details and how to apply, if you need a release form request here!

    Get in touch with somewhereto_ today to use one of our spaces that are located all around the UK, you can even search where the closest space is to you by postcode!


    A 425 sq ft industrial unit within New England House, near Brighton railway station.

    The space is basic and adaptive and includes a table that seats six (or ten if folded out). Free for meetings/ project-starting, etc. There’s seating for up to sixteen in total. There are incredible views to the south and of the whole city.

    The building is council-owned, was the world’s first purpose-built high-rise industrial tower block, and now houses a work-neighbourhood of artists, makers, designers, architects, bakers, printers, technologists and more.

    Please get in touch now for more details on this space! Or if it isn’t what you’re looking for tell us what you are after.