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  • somewhereto_ re:store hits Aberystwyth

    What would you do with a disused shop? The fabulous Aberystwyth re:store team have so far hosted (big breath..!) a music society, DJ sets, an art exhibition, a photography show and a drama workshop. Not bad for their first two weeks! Their shop had been empty for the past few months since the closure of an ink cartridge business. We think they’ve done a pretty fantastic job and this is just start!

    Here’s a few pictures of their fabulous work!

    Got a fantastic idea of your own for a disused space? Head over to somewhereto_ where we can match you with a space of your own.

    In need of a versatile, slightly unusual space to perform? Then check out the Belfast Barge.  

    It’s a unique floating venue, permanently moored behind Belfast’s Waterfront Hall- the space is also a very interesting venue because it doubles as a maritime museum,  which pays homage to Belfast’s rich maritime heritage.

    The space is also home to a multi use performance space, that can be used for an array of your somewhereto_ needs,  including drama, dance, film screenings, art exhibitions and live music.

    Sound like your perfect space? Then get in touch today, and don’t forget to check out our other spaces as well

    Hype in Sheffield!

    There is a choice of two dance studios and a meeting room at Hype Dance Academy.

    Spaces are good for dance, drama, fitness classes as well as acting as a meeting and training space. Please note that the sizes below are approximate!

    Studio 1: 10.5m x 8.1m - 85sq m

    Studio 2: 15m x 5.6m - 84sq m

    Get in touch now to find your own performance space here.

    Two Huge Halls @ The Calton Centre, Edinburgh

    The Calton Centre is a stunning building with two halls available. Hall A has a Canadian maple, solid wood sprung floor and a large stage. There’s also a wing which may be used for seating. Perfect for dance and theatre groups.

    Hall B has a Canadian maple sold wood sprung floor and can fit up to 50 dancers. It can be used whole or split into two separate rooms - B1 and B2. The divisions are also great for activities such as yoga and pilates.

    Two great halls which fit up to 50 people each, and can be used for a whole array of different activities. 

    What are you waiting for? Get in touch now if you would like to use these great spaces for free or if you are looking for something similar in your area.

    Interested in using an old Victorian house in Leeds with a WW2 living room? For free?

    The Gallery Spaces at Thwaite Mills include: the smaller working mill floor spaces for installations and drama; and the Mill Manager’s House with its Victorian kitchen, scullery and study. There is also a recreated WWII living room in the House. All of these could provide a great setting for a fashion shoot, music video or a drama performance.

    Get in touch now to use this great space for free, or take your pick from 550 (and counting!) other spaces around the UK.