So guys, as you know we have launched the somewhereto_showoff competition *woops* *cheers* *mass applause*

This is your chance to perform at a top secret location during the Games aaand  fly to Rio de Janeiro with BAFTA winning actor Adam Deacon where he will film you doing your thing. So whether thats belly dancing, BMXing, basketball freestyling- WHATEVER, you can get involved by clicking here

You can either come to one of our tour shows or upload a 60 sec vid yourself. This week we are going to be at: Great Yarmouth College on 28th June; at the National Space Center in Leicester on 29th June; The London Youth Games 30th June; PING Leicester 30th June; The Literary and Open Mic Fest in Hull 30th June-1st July aaand T4 On The Beach on the 1st July. Come to one of  our events with your friends and show us how you showoff!