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  • Legacy Trust UK introduces Ophee Marino, 17 years old and his story of the positive affect on his life by his involvement with somewhereto_

    "As well as providing Ophee with a space to play football, the somewhereto_ team have given him support and mentoring to ensure he can make the most of the opportunity, no matter what his background."

    Film produced by Magneto Films

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    The Livity Experience

    Jessica Collings, from Legacy Trust UK came to work from the Livity offices for an afternoon and writes about her experiences meeting projects and organisations like somewhereto_ and Livity that Legacy Trust UK have funded.

    Legacy Trust UK has funded programmes across the UK to create a legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and somewhereto_ is no exception.

    As communications and marketing assistant at Legacy Trust UK I spend a lot of time sharing the inspiring news of our projects, which means that I am always coming across great stories about the involvement of young people.

    Recently, I’ve been able to get out and about and experience this on the ground. In October I visited a somewhereto_ project in the West Midlands that we were filming for a video case study (to be released soon!). There I met Terence, the West Midlands co-ordinator, and Ophee, a young man who had turned his life around thanks to somewhereto_.

    Ophee’s story before somewhereto_ involved getting in trouble and having brushes with the law. Now, he is leading regular football coaching sessions with children at his somewhereto _ space (pitches at a leisure centre) and training for a professional qualification. It was a long day, filming outdoors in the wet and cold, but Ophee was happy to oblige. The positive relationship that he had with Terence was clear to see.

    We chose Ophee as an example of the work that our programmes are doing with young people of all backgrounds, up and down the UK. I was also able to visit Blaze in the North West, a Legacy Trust UK project that has helped young people to produce their own festivals and gain real life work experience in the creative industries. The young people I have met have developed a confidence and sense of direction that it is impossible not to admire.

    One thing I often hear from our youth orientated programmes is how much the participants value the respect and responsibility they are given by the project co-ordinators. Handing ownership of a project to young people shows faith in their ability and it is a powerful tool.

    Today I am visiting Livity HQ, where somewhereto_ calls home. It’s clear to see where this youth leadership angle has come from – it is ingrained in everything they do. In a bustling, bright space (“office” would be a misleading noun), young people are coming and going, creating and informing. I realise that I’ve become an unofficial participant: after all, they’ve just given me somewhereto_blog.

    Calling all budding Artists and Curators!

    So crew, consider yourself an artiste? Artistically inclined? Visionary? Creatively minded? If you answered yay to any of the above, then you need to get involved with the somewhereto_ touring art exhibition (with media partner The Skinny); which will be hitting Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool later on this year.

    We are on the hunt for the next generation of artists and curators to take the creative helm of this once in a lifetime travelling arts show in conjunction with Legacy Trust UK.

    The Skinny, Scotland’s leading, free independent arts and listings magazine and website that has teamed up with us to present you, yes you, with this fantastic opportunity. Depending on your interests you can either help to curate a show or if you’re an artist, have your show exhibited.

    As a curator, you would be bringing your passion and vision to a curatorial team of other young curators to select artwork and build a cohesive collection, and decide upon the arrangement of the artwork. As an artist, you would have the chance to showcase and promote your work.

    In addition, proposals are being accepted from a diverse range of styles including digital media and performances.

    Not only is this an incredible platform (this exhibition will feature alongside The Skinny’s own arts exhibition), you will gain experience and mentoring from experienced professionals, online exposure, and have the pleasure of saying that you have worked on a project supported by the Legacy Trust UK and Channel 4.

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    Check it out…

    Matt Cardle takes some time out of T4 Stars of 2011 to talk to somewhereto_ about the importance of giving young people the space to do the things they want to do.

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    An absolutely incredible photograph from The Guardian

    The effect photographer John Raoux has achieved with an extended exposure is great!

    Need somewhereto_ practice your photography skills? Get in touch today. Not only can we provide space for free, in some cases we can also provide high-tech equipment!


    An extended exposure of the Falcon 9 rocket as it launches from Cape Canaveral Photograph: John Raoux/AP

    Tuesday’s launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral air force station in Florida was the culmination of months of preparation for the first commercial flight to the International Space Station

    (Source: )

    Every month, the residents of Sharrow, Sheffield get together for a cook-along…

    Sheffield draws students from all over the world to come and study at its universities, but sometimes it’s easy for international students to get lost amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Yat-Fai, as part of the international student support team at Sheffield Hallam University and an international student herself, introduced monthly cooking events for everyone in Sharrow to attend, to make new friends and get cooking! With this idea in mind Yat-Fai needed a space to accomodate her fellow cooks!

    We have particularly enjoyed the themed cuisines that the cook-alongs offer. As a result, students have the chance to cook something new and learn more about the different dishes around the world. Also, the interactivity of the sessions where our students help to cook the meals with local people, really helps to build on the students’ confidence and helps them to practice their English.

    somewhereto_ were on hand to help and found Yat-Fai a large space with a kitchen and eating area for the Sharrow residents to get cooking.

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    If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.


    - Bruce Lee

    An inspiring and deep quote about life. To pursue your interests you need the space - we have a whole array of of spaces you can use for free, all over the UK.

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    Check out this insanley creative use of space.

    Instead of these old shipping containers lying around unused, they have been converted into a set of offices. 

    A very clever and creative use of the idea of recycling… We may not have this exact space available for use, but we have ones that are JUST AS FUNKY! (like this one, for example)

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    Shipping Container Office

    by Distill Studio & Truthbox

    (via oliphillips)

    There was a lot of moments when I got goose bumps, just being part of it


    - David Beckham speaking about being a part of the process of the transporting the Olympic Torch from Athens to London.

    Six of our own somewhereto_ young people are carrying the Olympic Torch at different points in the relay. We are VERY proud of them!

    Inspirational, don’t you think?

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    somewhereto_ were able to secure three performance spots at T4 on the Beach, performing at the same event as some great celebs…

    Our talented somewhereto_ young people, Natalie May, Cleo Sol and RoxXxan were amongst stars such as Katy B, Jason Derulo and Dappy! 

    The day was an incredible success and the audience was really lively and so supportive of our new acts! See the action here.  

    Since last year’s T4 on the Beach our performers have gone on to do some incredible things with the success and support they had;

    Natalie May who already has her own charity called ‘The Mad Experience’, is starting her own jewellery line and just released a new single called Sunshine - check it out here, Cleo Sol has just had a single out called never the right time and find RoxXxan’s new single here!

    I’d never been to T4 on the Beach before and it was so much fun, the fact that I got to perform on top of seeing all these amazing acts was an absolute dream come true!” - Cleo Sol, 21, London @CleoSol

    I’m amazed! I had the most amazing day, it couldn’t have been better and it’s all thanks to somewhereto_!" - RoxXxan, 23, London @ROtripleX

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    One of our regional coordinators, Jaffer Hussain from Blackburn was nominated by a young person to hold the Olympic Torch through his local area. Check out what he had to say;

    I’ve never been a big fan of sports. Well the only sports I’ve liked is wrestling and even then it’s classed as sport’s entertainment. In a way this is the unique thing about the Olympic Torch, you don’t need to be into sports to be able to get nominated or even selected to carry it. My name’s Jaf and I’m one of the regional coordinators for somewhereto_.

    I’m one of the lucky 8,000 people who have been selected to carry the Olympic Torch as it makes its way through the country. I used to work for the local council and one of the young people I worked with nominated me:

    My local hero is in a league of his own, he’s been my youth worker for over a year now and I’ve never known anyone that can change lives like he can. I come from Blackburn and life in this town can be pretty tough but he offers a helping hand to anyone that needs it, he works and works and works to make sure that life for young people is filled with rich knowledge and a sense of direction. He haschanged my life in so many ways, through him I have acquired life skills, communication skills, leadership skills and knowledge that no other could offer me and that’s just my life he’s changed, there are hundreds of people that could tell you the same. I can think of no other person more eligible to carry a torch for the Olympic games, and even then he’ll be educating as he goes along.”

    The whole experience to date has been mind blowing and I can’t wait until the 22nd June. You know you can ask any youth worker and they would tell you exactly the same thing as I’m saying – we don’t get into this field of work to get recognised or for awards. We work unsociable hours and weekends away from our loved ones because we want to help the next generation of young people and provide them with valuable life skills that cannot be taught in schools. My time with the local council was amazing. I used to work with up to 60 young people a week, 4 nights a week helping them to make a difference in their communities.

    It’s such an honour to be able to carry the torch, knowing that the last 9 years of hard work doing local, regional, national and international work building up partnerships along the way. It is quite humbling, exciting but at the same time nerve wracking but hey – ho it’s also a once in a life time opportunity so I say bring it on!

    Inspirational, don’t you think?

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    A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO: that you can use for free!

    A small but well equipped professional photography studio and media suite in Norwich - very slick!

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    Michael wanted somewhereto_ showcase his talents and his friends talents.

    Scottish somewhereto_ regional coordinators Sarah and Desmond have been working with Michael and ‘The Pop Up Party Event Team’ made up of Michael Beach, Gillian Berry, Amy Joe Fitzpatrick, Gary Gourlay and Charles Stewart; a group of students that wanted to allow their fellow classmates a chance to exhibit to industry, to their peers, in their own style!

    The team applied to somewhereto_ for help and assistance to make their event a success. The team had found the perfect location for their exhibition (The Recycling Centre, Dundee). For this event, they wanted the chance to involve as many people as possible, including local DJ’s. The event was a great success for the team and their classmates, allowing them all a chance to show off in a way that Dundee has never seen!

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    We are creatures of the moment; we live from one little space to another, and only one interest at a time fills these.


    - William Dean Howells

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    'The Russell Brand Show arrives at Parliament'

    Check out Russell Brand speaking at parliament on drugs legislation to a board of MPs!

    Not his usual setting of course, but if you watch the full video he makes some very interesting points- don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

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