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  • summer of somewhereto_ First Week Round Up

    We’re on a mission to open spaces across the country for young people to do the things they love!

    Thursday 10th July saw the launch of summer of somewhereto_, our summer festival of amazing young talent. Touching down in London, Leicester, Lancaster, Antrim, Glasgow and Aberystwyth, we’re running right through until 31st July so make sure you get stuck on! Here’s a run down of the first week.

    London. 91 Peckham High Street SE15 5RS. Activity schedule here

    Plan B launches summer of somewhereto_ in London with Young Ambassador Kay Davis. Watch our exclusive Q&A here!image

     The somewhereto_ team & volunteers 


    Lancaster. St Nicholas Arcades LA1 1NB. Activity schedule here.

    The somewhereto_ North West team on launch day.


    The Lancaster shop filling up


    Leicester. 3 Shires Lane & Highcross Shopping Centre LE1 4AN. Activity schedule here.

    Space shop and somewhereto_ East Midlands HQ.


    The Creative Kids Lab Science workshop on opening day


    Antrim. 55 High Street BT41 4AY. Activity schedule here.

    The somewhereto_ Northern Ireland team launch the shop in Antrim.

    Antrim activity board.

    Glasgow. Beyond The Finish Line, 7 Trongate G1 5EZ & The Imaginarium Saracen St G22 5JX. Activity schedule here.

    The somewhereto_ Scotland team 

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    Tom Law & Beatbox champion Grace Savage Collaboration

    It’s finally here! The epic collaboration from beatboxer Grace Savage, and singer Tom Law performing at Wilton Music Hall. Check it out this is a must see!



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    Beatboxing, Pies & Country Bumpkins

    We all love music, right? It makes us happy when we’re sad, keeps us company on the bus and makes us do some stupid dance moves which some how always seem to end up on Facebook. Dooh!

    Well, we don’t just want to hear the music, we want to hear about the musician. And we think you do too. So Yara caught up with Grace Savage & Tom Law to get the inside scoop on their music career and what it was like to perform at the famous Wilton Music Hall.

    Q&A - with Grace Savage & Tom Law

    Yara: So Grace, how did your journey into beatboxing begin?

    Grace: I started off doing the whole stage school thing.  I studied theatre at uni and wanted to go down the ‘drama school’ route.

    Towards the end of uni I started beatboxing and gigging which took me down more of a musical path. Now, I’m beatboxing, singing and working with a producer, so I have many fingers in many pies!

    Y: Tom, we’ve heard you’ve got an EP coming out this summer. Can you tell us more about it?

    Tom: Yeah I’ve literally just finished it. It’s called ‘Build From Zero’. I really feel like it’s a whole step up from everything else I’ve done. It’s recorded with drums, guitars, bass, and vocals. There’s some choir stuff going on in there too. I’m really proud of it. All the songs are quite different so I really hope it raises my game.

    Y: A collaboration between a beatboxer & a musician is not something you see often. How did this come about?

    T&G: I came and did a gig with somewhereto_ and got approached afterwards by the somewhereto_ team and it just went from there really.

    Y:  So today you’ve been performing in Wilton Music Hall, which is one of the oldest music halls in London. What’s it been like?

    G: Amazing – I literally live around the corner and didn’t know this existed. It’s beautiful. Acoustically for beatboxing it picked up the sounds amazingly.

    T: Yeah I love it in here. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the building. I want every single gig I play at to be here.

    Y: How important do you think it is for young people to have access to space?

    T: A lot of the videos I make on YouTube are in my bedroom but if I could do every one of my videos in spaces like this? Yeah, it would be amazing. It would be a real step up.

    Y: I often think your surroundings can affect the genre of music you end up making. You grew up in Cornwall right?

    T: Yeah I did. Right down in the sticks. Growing up surfing and getting out and about. Then I moved to London and now I’m in Bath because I don’t like London, I find it really claustrophobic and stressful for me. I’m just a country bumpkin at heart! I like my space and I like the open air!

    We like our space too Tom!

    If you need space to do the things you love then get in touch, we’re always happy to help!

    And don’t forget to check out The Spotlight this Friday to see Tom & Grace’s performance. It’s epic!

    What’s your music motivation - Blue Skies The Making Of

    If you enjoyed last week’s Blue Skies performance then check out our behind the scenes footage. Dave gives insight into what he believes to be most important when you’re trying to grow an online audience!


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    Blue Skies sing in somewhereto_ space

    We met up with Blue Skies for an exclusive performance of Something Sweet at The George Tavern in Whitechapel, East London.

    The Spotlight:…
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    somewhereto_ re:store hits Aberystwyth

    What would you do with a disused shop? The fabulous Aberystwyth re:store team have so far hosted (big breath..!) a music society, DJ sets, an art exhibition, a photography show and a drama workshop. Not bad for their first two weeks! Their shop had been empty for the past few months since the closure of an ink cartridge business. We think they’ve done a pretty fantastic job and this is just start!

    Here’s a few pictures of their fabulous work!

    Got a fantastic idea of your own for a disused space? Head over to somewhereto_ where we can match you with a space of your own.

    somewhereto_ re:store (the high street heist) in Manchester kicked off on 25 July with a day of performances and activities at the Corn Exchange. Young film maker Anthony Price made this beautiful short film of the launch. 

    Gareth Gates surprised the audience who had turned up to check out the launch. The singer-songwriter made an appearance to speak about the importance of space in helping young creatives  to achieve their dreams.  Babycakes, clothing designers who are on the way to doing just that,  set up a live art installation to showcase their products.  The crowd was entertained by  performances by Megan Grooters, J Bear and the Giants and, from Z arts  the Sat’day Allsorts as well as by great pieces by 3 Roots theatre and Lia Baron. All in all an amazing start to somewhereto_ re:store Manchester.

    somewhereto_ re:store (the #highstreetheist) is a high impact campaign seeing young people take over a series of shops across the UK (from #London to Manchester, Glasgow, Bangor, Cardiff, Newcastle and beyond) for a six-week period, having launched in London on 18 July.

    We’re putting disused shops into the capable hands of local young people to deliver events and activities that will benefit their future ambitions as well as revamp the high street and engage local communities.

    Want to know more and get involved?


    somewhereto_ create a brand new style of event

    A newly formed immersive event En Route: Transition From One Home To Another began with two students, one studying music and the other studying performance arts, who were eager to create a new type of event combining their fields of interests in a different way.


    With the concept of ‘two contrasting feel of homes’, the two organisers wanted to recreate a journey of going between two homes: one where you feel emotionally pressured and the other emotionally comfortable, and so they decided to organise an event that would immerse the audience into experiencing that journey.


    They gathered an enthusiastic group of young artists together in London, collaborating with 11 artists and 6 musicians to present their works, which included live music, interactive performances and a collection of art installations to present the concept of transition and contrast between two different homes.


    The journey of En Route began with the audience having to go through a certain route. They were greeted at the event and were given a pass with list of questions that the audience were required to fill in.


    The journey began with Moon Lee’s series of photographs of her home entirely wrapped in bubble wrap. This was followed into another section of the first home with Josh Pemberton’s funny and highly visual video installation ‘77’, where the audience could sit on the couch and enjoy the video with snacks laid out on the table.


    Next was a room with Anya Mustoo’s and Chae-eun Park’s interactive installations where people were invited to confess ‘Something You’ve Never Been Able To Expressed’ in a letter, write in an address book, and open to read passages from books hanging off the walls. This room also contained a selection of other art, interactive performance and music creations by other artists; Eleanor Jarvis, Megumi Readhead, Sing Yeh, Michael Cowler and Ting Yeh.


    The route then reached the point of transition at the ‘Border’, where the actors dressed up as border agency officers requested your ticket and interrogated you with arbitrary questions before you were let through to the other space – the other home.


    As you entered the second home (the emotionally comfortable but materialistically strained) you were welcomed by a puppet dog coming to sniff your hand and play, created and manipulated by puppeteer Emily-Jane Stedman. The second space was a relaxed setting with paintings by Kwame Frempong, self-portrait by Hae-Eun Lee and animation by Hina Fujimoto and Ermina Takenova. Also with the complementary of the bar and an invented game of skittles game, people could sit down and end their journey with live music performances by The Venus Bushfires, PEGI, Nora Benjamin, Claudia Heidegger and Rosina Andrews. 


    somewhereto_ helped finding the space to hold En Route: Transition From One Home To Another, which was held at the Vibe Gallery and ran for two days on the 5 and 6 May 2013 with great success. It received excellent feedback from its audience and brought many young creative people together to network and to collaborate.


    Need space? To do anything! Start a business, put on a theatrical spectacular, ice skate, break a world record, start a charity, host a Big Lunch…..???

    you know who to call

    somewhereto_NI are about to brighten up the high street!

    somewhereto_ Northern Ireland are busy preparing for an exciting few days in May with their event The Open Source.

    The Open Source is a performance space, music venue and workshop hub bringing life back into an empty space on Belfast’s Donegall Street during the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.



    For eleven days, The Open Source brings life to a vacant property and provides space for free workshops, performances and exchange of ideas between 12 noon and 7pm daily. Check out their programme here.


     Run by volunteers and made possible by the donation of the space, furniture, equipment and the artists’ time, The Open Source relies on the spirit of collectivism and collaboration to provide a dynamic, creative hub in the city. 

    This year’s Open Source is 25 Donegall Street, Belfast. Check back on their page here for more photos as the space begins to take shape in the run-up to opening day on 2nd May.  

    Do you need space to do what you love? Get in touch with somewhereto_ so we can find you the ultimate space to do what you love to do..

    Our newly unlocked space at Vibe Place is getting a splash of somewhereto_ yellow on the 5th and 6th of May.

    Enroute is 13 young artists and six unique music performers who will take you on an immersive journey! What’s more, it’s free! Make sure you donate though as these guys have been working hard! 

    Everyone is welcome to come by at 6:30 to get a drink and get ready for the amazing performance at 8pm

    Do you want space to put on an event of your own? Get in touch with somewhereto_ here

    Georgio Savvides is the founder of The Hip-Hop orchestra. Here, filmed in One KX (a space provided by somewhereto_ for free), we get a teaser of his mission to make classical music more popular with young people by fusing it with hip-hop in a cover of Kanye West’s Amazing. Stay tuned as we’ll be showcasing more of the orchestra’s remixes.

    If, like Georgio, you have a great idea but need the space to do it then you only need to get in touch with us! Check out some of our spaces here. Get in contact here!

    somewhereto_ wear your wellies to Glasto!

    The Glastonbury line up is out! Who’s got their tickets? 

    You know we love all things space so here’s our low down on some of the spaces to be at Glastonbury…


    This pinnacle of Glastonbury was first created in 1971 out of bits of scaffolding and metal.. now it’s enormous and hosting Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons, Dizzee Rascal, and, Rita Ora…


    Famed for it’s more dancey atmosphere. You can find this one round the back of the Pyramid. Portishead, Chase & Status, Two Door Cinema Club, and, Azealia Banks are all rocking on this one this year.

    This one has come and gone in the past. It’s well and truly here this year and will provide the platform for Chic ft. Nile Rodgers
    Public Enemy plus others!


    Late night bars and tee pee tents.. plus this massive ribbony tower! If that doesn’t thrill you then some great acts including Cat Power and The Horrors


    Named in honour of the late and great John Peel. This place contains some serious excitement. Get jumpin to Crystal Castles and Jessie Ware to name a few.

    The ultimate dance village will contain Nas and Wiley and more!


    Exactly what it says on the tin! Steve Winwood and Sinéad O’Connor have joining many others to unplug and unwind!


    The ultimate village fete. When you’re not winning coconuts or wanging a welly you could listen to Ben Caplan or Beverley Knight to name a few!


    An array on entertainment can be found in this beautiful Somerset field! Including The Infinite Monkey Cage.

    Pretty sinister place from the outside in. The epitomy of underground and the home of Gene Hunt for the duration!



    What the hell is this place?! All they say is not to believe any rumours - to be seen to be believed!




    Hola - the Central American infused field! 


    At the highest point of the festival’s site - this is a place to watch, learn, and wander around the many small fields..




    Britain’s largest free children’s festival! Need we say more?




    Get on your soapbox and start debating right here - with a lil’ music thrown in!




    Mooooooovies! This year they’re bringing 3D to the table!




    A myriad of walkways you could get lost down and find yourself at a secret gig…or a kidney hire stall! 



    You might want to bring your marshmallows to this campfire!



    A fairground…but not as you’d know it!

    There’s so many places we’ve left for you to explore. We love amazing spaces and these are so cool! Tweet us if you have tickets (you lucky people, you) and if you need space - SURELY you know by now that we’re the ones to call!

    Have You Got Your Tickets for London’s Rising Star’s EP Launch?

    Looking for something to do on the Bank Holiday? Get yourselves down to somewhereto_ space Rich Mix for a night of art, music and Juliyaa’s launch of her EP Stars and Dragons Live. 

    Pre-booked tickets are a deal at £5 and on the door it’s £7. Book quick to avoid disappointment - this one will sell out fast!


    Check out our interview with Juliyaa here.

    Do you need space to gig, make music or maybe something completely different? Click here to see the spaces you could use or click here to get in touch with your Regional Delivery Partner to find out more.

    somewhereto_ rising star - Juliyaa tells all - Stars and Dragons debut EP launch!

    On the 1st of April at our loyal somewhereto_ space, Richmix there’s one young person planning something very exciting. Juliyaa will be launching her debut EP 

    How long has music been a part of your life?

    I was born into a family that loved music and dancing, and I got caught up in that from a young age.  I’ve got a funny video of me as a three year old doing the bogel in the front room to some of my dads reggae playing on our vinyl player! Also I have fond memories of waking up on a Sunday to hear gospel and hi life music being blasted from my mums tapedeck.  For me music is always associated with fun times with the ones you love.


    What made you take it further?

    In my early teens I became involved with a youth organisation that helped young people called Bigga Fish. I became involved in a lot of singing and street dance. It opened up a lot of great opportunities, travelling around the UK and performing with artists from the likes of Estelle to The Heartless Crew.  This was a time when my musicianship grew, and I learned some important lessons about what it takes to be in music. Also I wanted to take it further because I realised that its something that I am completely passionate about & would regret if I didn’t try to do.

    Was there a pivotal moment in your music career? Tell us about it?

    A pivotal moment was receiving the Best New Music Act for the GUBA Awards at the end of 2011. It was really nice to be recognised by my cultural peers as making positive movement in my field. Probably the biggest thing is releasing my first EP Stars & Dragons at the end of 2012. The project felt like my statement to the world. It feels like I have that chapter/story told and I can now move forward with making more new music, and enter a new chapter as an artist.


    What’s the best space you’ve performed in so far?

    Definitely the Jazz Cafe. Growing up in North London, I always walked passed it and saw the names of artists I admired performing there. So to perform there myself was surreal, and it being in my hometown was extra special.


    What can we expect on the 1st of April?

    Lots of soul, lashings of rhythm, great music and a great time! Plus with 1xtra’s DJ Ace spinning some tunes and artwork from YinnYang - your eyes and ears will be well fed! It is a chance for people to hear lots of my new songs and the full breadth of my musical inspirations.  It will be an experience, not just a music night, and remember your dancing shoes!


    Can you give us any nuggets of wisdom for any young musicians starting out?

    Writing and performing is a real risk sometimes, as people - often not musicians themselves - will be constantly critiquing your thoughts and feelings that are captured in your songs.  But make sure you carry on making music that you want to make. People have opinions but at the end of the day you have the lyrics and melody - all is for the taking. It’s just waiting to be captured with a simple pen and paper.

    Tickets are available at £5 in advance from and £7 on the door. Book early to avoid disappointment!