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  • I still have to pinch myself to prove it’s real, somewhereto_ just keeps making it happen!

    T1 got the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform before RNB sensation Drake!

    T1, also known as Theo Johnson, has had lots of opportunity to access space through somewhereto_ including taking part in a radio show on BBC West Midlands and recording a demo at Soundmasters Studios in Birmingham.

    T1’s involvement with Dae Martin at Soundmasters Studios, led to him being offered an incredible opportunity to perform in front of thousands at the LG Arena in Birmingham, opening the concert for Labrinth and global rap star Drake. 

    Opportunities are there for the grabbing so when they come, grab them! somewhereto_ has opened me up to a world I only dreamt of, BBC, Clothes Show, Drake, what’s next? The Olympic Games I hope!" - T1

    If you feel inspired, why not get in touch today so that we can find you a space to pursue YOUR passion?

    Here’s a great example of how we’re helping young people to progress and build on the things they love to do.

    Louie came to somewhereto_ looking for spaces where he could raise his profile as a young rapper and entertainer. He was given the chance, featured in the video above, to perform a track at the grand opening of the Juice Festival festival at The Sage Gateshead.

    Sara also came to somewhereto_ hoping to gain experience of speaking at large events and increase her public speaking and entertainment skills.

    They have both now been given the opportunity to compère a huge event happening tonight, 27th October, at the Sage Gateshead, with over 150 people expected to attend. The event is part of The Power Tour, an event taking place at multiple venues across the country featuring performances from young bands.

    Sara and Louie will be given a couple of hours before the event to chat to the bands and then have free reign to decide how they run the night. This is a huge opportunity for our two young people and one that will hopefully lead to even more public speaking and entertainment work in future.

    If you want to increase your skills and gain experience like Louie and Sara get in touch now at and tell us what you would love the space to do.