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  • Last summer, a young collective of talented models, artists, producers and musicians took over various spaces unlocked by somewhereto_ at the prestigious London landmark that is Somerset House.

    NZEPLTN is an ambitious UK-wide collective showcasing skills from working in their various industries and challenging other young people to go after their dream careers.

    They gained access to the Embankment Galleries and Dead House spaces at Somerset House which have previously hosted the filming of Sherlock Holmes and London Fashion Week. Quite apt for their project Modo Vitas which means Fashion Lives – an installation celebrating fashion and music.

    “We produced a film, three virals and a photoshoot. People pay thousands of pounds for that and we were in an amazing location – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity” says Sam, the somewhereto_ champion from NZEPLTN.

    The collective maximised their use of the space by organisinga fashion runway and photoshoot that introduced pieces from up-and-coming young British designers, and a DJ-set featuring underground hits from various artists.

    Sarah Mann, Somerset House’s Head of Learning was delighted with the results and NZEPLTN’s professionalism. “I think it’s really exciting that we can be a launchpad for some really amazing British talent. It’s inspiring that they’ve decided to work as a collective. I think making a film that reflects all these different facets of creativity is a great idea.”

    NZEPLTN will use the films to promote their brand and vision and plan on screening them at a further event with the continued support of somewhereto_.

    Sam initially applied for O2 Think Big funding to kick-start this project and manage costs of vital materials and equipment. Since the success of Modo Vitas Sam has been able to apply for O2 Think Bigger funding and has shared her story with others – here she is in More Magazine and Heat magazine!



    NZEPLTN now have a close relationship with the marketing team at O2 and are much better equipped going forward in the ways they build, manage and promote themselves as an up-and-coming collective.

    "Everyone from somewhereto_ has been amazingly supportive, which is overwhelming and refreshing” says Sam.

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    Last week (on June 8th) Somerset House, the prestigious home of the British Fashion Council - played host to yet another somewhereto_success story, with a one off exhibition merging the worlds of fashion and art .  

    The show, curated by NZEPLTN, was a creative collective of young designers, models, photographers, make-up artists and musicians in the space unlocked by somewhereto_

    The show itself was entitled ‘MDOVTS’ and with an original display of raw creativity, brought to life fashion with an exciting live show exhibiting and celebrating the multiple elements required to put on a vibrant catwalk show.

    The show also celebrated other creative forms through filming and photography (of the event) and live music performances. Sam, the founder of the collective said: “Our aim has always been to merge our creativity with the heritage of British fashion and so we are excited that somewhereto_ helped us secure Somerset House as the space to launch our first ever art show.”

    MDOVTS was a huge success and has forged an even stronger bond between professionals and aspiring young creatives; lasting legacies that drive the somewhereto_ project.

    Esther Brown from somewhereto_ finished with a smile stating: “Somerset House has been incredibly supportive of the collective and their ambitions as they continue to grow professionally.”

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