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  • somewhereto_ shine on the London 2012 Olympic torch route_

    It’s an iconic symbol that will pass within 10 miles of 95 percent of the UK population, on a route that will cover around 8,000 miles, to be carried by 8,000 lucky individuals, through 1,018 places, and over 70 days between May 19th and July 27th.

    We’re talking about the unmistakable London 2012 Olympic torch, with The London Organisation Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) setting up a route that promises to touch upon every great corner of our nation from the Shetland Islands to the Channel Islands, from Suffolk coast to Enniskillen, Northern Island.

    Check out this wicked video showing parts of the route;

    Hayley from Croydon, Kajol from Blackpool, Celeste from East Ham, Torron from Brentford, Jaffer from Blackburn and Shineze from Brixton are all young people who have been a part of somewhereto_ and used unlocked spaces to do great things!

    Hayley (pictured bottom right in red) runs the Aim High Dance Academy which teaches over 180 children and adults in the South London area how to street and hip-hop dance.  She told us, “Due to the Dance Academy’s success my mum decided to nominate me. I’ve won quite a few awards for my work in my local area, but it was after my mum nominated me to be an official Torch Bearer I got picked by Heart FM radio from many applications for the torch relay”.

    Being a Torch Bearer has been an honour ever since the first ever Olympic games in Greece (check out the bottom left picture!), and we are super proud of our six somewhereto_ repping young people who have been picked for holding the torch a part of the way.

    If you feel inspired, why not get in touch today so that we can find you a space to pursue YOUR passion?