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  • Wook, wook, wook at the little diddums, they are SO cute, so adorable. As well as making us all dewy eyed, it makes us think about the space where all these little darlings were made and where other people can go to find them. Check out Stitch and Story, who we posted about yesterday, they are also a dab hand with handicrafts and we helped to find a space to promote their work. If you need a space to do your thing, Get in touch with us today and see what you can create once  you have the right space! 

    (Source: sosuperawesome, via magicfran)

    Meet Jennifer and Jen, that’s right, two friends both called Jen. Sharing more than just a name, these cool ladies also believe in this pretty cool philosophy:  “where there is a wool, there is a way”.

    Yes it read wool- because that’s what Jennifer and Jen are both passionate about, all things related to wool and knitting. Stitch and Story is the girl’s amazing enterprise where they sell woolen products, produced by the ladies themselves. And you guys thought that knitting was for grannies!

    When the girls needed a space to exhibit, promote ad sell their work, somewhereto_ hooked them up with a sweet weekend spot at the world famous Spitalfields market. 

    Read more here about their incredible experience as market traders in London’s East End…and click here  to find out how you can find the space of dreams, for free,  today.